Shilmani/Sulemani History

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Shalmani or Sulemani History

Shalmani,Shilmani(Sulemani) is one of the Pashtun tribes. According to Khan Roshan Khan of Swabi in "Tazkira" his famous book about Pakhtoons,"Shalmani(Shilmani) are "Banu Bakhtar"(بنو بختر) Israel, who were living in an area "Shalman" in Syria.These Banu Bakhtar were the land lords of Shalman(شلمان), Ainab(عيناب) and Baiswad(بيسود) in Syria. But when they were exiled by Assyrian kings Shalmaneser(Shalman)I,II,III and IV etc to Khorasan". They were known as shalmani in Khorasan because of their place name "Shalman" in Syria. Please note that Shalmaneser means Shalman according to Bible(Hosea:10-14). At another place, in his book Khan Roshan Khan states, that Bani Pakht was a sub tribe of Judah. Where Judah was the son of Jacob. So it is very much clear now that Shalmani are Bani Pakht and now called as Shalmani because of their place name Shalman in Syria. According to my research, Shalman is situated on Lebanaon side near Hira water falls in the teritory of Asi River (نهر العاصى).

Now a days Shalmani are living particularly in Afghanistan in different parts and in Khyber Pakhtunkhwah, they live in Shalman Valley in Khyber Agency. Other places where Shalmani or Shilmani live are; In Pukhtoonistan except shalman they live in Peshawar, Hasht Nagar, Malakand Agency, Swat, Shangla,Deer,Bajoure, Boneer, Haripur etc and in Afghanistan in Kabul,Tora Bora(where they fought with American troops) Source: (BBC World News) and Karman etc, in Iran they live in Tehran, Asfahan and Gilan etc.In Gilan there is a city by name Shalman, a river by name "Shalman Rud" because of this tribe's old place name "Shalman" in Syria, which they brought with them from Syria. Shalman Rud is famous for fishing and is one of the biggest four rivers of Iran. There are some Welknown scientists in Iran in different fields like chemistry, biology and atomic energy comission whoes names are A.M Shalmani, A.Koochaki Shalmani and Manzouri Shalmani etc. In pakistan atomic energy commision ther is a shalmani scientist. And the majority of shalmani is in the malaisha force, FC and Pakistan Army. Some are politicians like former MPA,s Naik Amal Khan Shalmani ,Jehangeer Khan Shalmani  and Rahat Khan Shalmani  of Sakha Koat and so on.


M.Saida Khan Shinwari gives that, Shilmani are divided as Shamsher Khel, Halimzai and Kam Shilmanis and considers them to be Mohmand. He states that Shamsher Khels are related to Morcha Khel Mohmands, Halimzai to Halimzai Mohmands and Kam Shilmanis to Tarakzai Mohmands. Officially the Shilmanis are treated as a separate tribe since the Khyber Agreement of 1881. The Shilmanis are closer to Mohmands in characteristics and based on historical evidence they appear to be close kinsmen of the Mohmand.

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What does "Shalman" means?

According to Bible(Hosea:10-14)"as shalman destroyed betharbel",which means that as shalmaneser destroyed Betharbel.So shalmaneser and Shalman is just one name.In other words according different Christian and Jewish historians,Shalman is the contracted form of Shalmaneser,who was an Assyrian king.But actualy Shalman was not only one king.There were four assyrian kings named shalmaneserI,II,III and IV. So far it is clear, that Shalman was an Assyrian king and therefore it might be possible that the area "Shalman" may be named after these Assyrian kings. But I think that why this one name Shalmaneser was used for four persons or four kings. As it is clear from the numbering system I,II,III and IV, it means that all were belonging to one family, therefore they were using the same name as their own and beloved name.Is it not clear that it might be their family and tribe name????????? what do you think about it? My dears history is a very very difficult topic and it is very difficult to say it yes or no.I myself am very confused in this matter that how should and how can i prove it that these shalmanis belong to those kings and similarly to those kings' tribe.Because pakhtoons are basically Israel!.So i am still a history student and don't know much more about Assyrians history.I do'nt know that whether asyrians and israel are linked or not?if yes then it is true that shalmani belong to those kings.But at other side if we think that if they belong to those kings,then how they exiled to Iran by them? I think it will take a lot of time to solve,But however it demand a talented historian to solve this matter.But one a thing should be noted and must be noted that a historian who droped or rejected this topic will not be considered a talented historian.Because he has dropped arms and guns before this big and wonderful and complex problem.Why wonderful? Because this name is present in Jewish and christian communities.And it is still the name of jewish persons,Israel and christians as well.So here another question arises that why these people use this name.Some people will say that because it will be a common name but my dears it is not a common name it is just a name which describe a tribe or family name of these Israel,Jewish and christians.You again will say that how can you say it.Dear brother i have asked most of these people through internet and even i have mailed them also.They say that it is their tribe name.But still they have not explained that why this name is used.I mean they should link this name to ancient Israel.However one of their historians say that Shalman means Jeru-Shalem(Yeroshlem),which means furtherly "House of shalman" And then another historian Dr M.D Magee say that shalman means "Solomon" king Son of David(حضرت داود علية سلام),Some of them describe the theory of Bit-Shalman and so on.However my research is on the way and one day i will get the solution insha Allah.

Residency of Shalmanis.

Shalmani history is very intrusted as very few historian have described it in their history books.And no one has described the history of shalmanis in depth. The reason is that most of Pashtun historians wrote about their own tribe, ignored other tribes and presented themselves as heroes of all time.I said intrusted because this history of shalmanis predicts the most solid proofs about the Pakhtoons that they are Israelites.However further research and time is required to explore this history and also i am waiting of your help in this regard to develop the Pakhtoon's Israelites Idiology.Now let's state some thing about the residence of shalmanis.

There are many many places where shalmanis live. Some of them are known to me and some of them are not in my knowledge. In pakistan KPK, shalmanis live in (i) Shalman Valley (Khyber Agency) near Peshawar (ii) District Swabi (iii) District Charsaddah: Mandani, Shalmani Kalay Umarzai, Naguman and in Turlandai near to Nowshehra. (iv) Malakand Agency: Sakha Koat, Dargai, But Khela, Ala Dand Derai, Thana Village, Gat Kotay (v) District Swat: BariKoat, Nat Mera, Nawagai, Mingora, Matta, Baidarah, Khwazakhela, Sher Palam, Joora, KhareRai, Sijban, Bulkarai, Barthana, Pishthonai (vi) District Shangla: Kotkay and other villages (vii) District Dir: Chak Dara, Chekhu Kalay, Shilmani of Timergara and Balambat etc (viii) Hazara Division: Tehsil Haripur, District Pawa, Village, Bandi Pullan Abbotabad and many more (xi) District Buneer. Shalmanis are also exist in the rest of the world in different countries in different shapes. It will be the most wonderful infomation about shalmanis that they are in different relegions. Offcourse some of my Shalmanis and Pakhtun woul mind my this statement, but it is a fact which I have found through a large ammount of study of history books related to Syria. However this is not the place to go in more detail, more details shall be found in my book, which is under


Famous Shilmani and there Locations:


1) Khyber Agency:

In Khyber agency Shalman Valley, Malik Ghazi Gul Shalmani Wazir Khil(late) has been a prominent tribal leader, Gran Bacha Shalmani and Habibullah Khan Shalmani and Hammad Shilmani (now in Islamabad).

2) Peshawar:

Dr. Jan Muhammad Shalmani, Mir Muhammad Shalmani, Yar Muhammad Shalmani, Rauf Khan Shalmani, Shahid Shalmani (Journalist The News), Waleed Shillmani, Tayyab Shabab Shilmani, Naveed Khan Shalmani, Afrasiyab Khan Shalmani, Ali Wahab Shalmani.

3) Charsaddah and Nowshera:

Javed Khan Shalmani, Sadar Khan Shalmani of Naguman, Sajjad Akbar Shalmani of Turlandai village who are khans and land lords of village Turlandai.

4) Sakha Koat and Dargai:

Rahat Khan Shilmani:

Before independence of Pakistan, Rahat Khan Shalmani of Sakha Koat Malakand agency was the prominent figure of the Shilmani tribe in the region. When Nehru first came to KPK, he was invited by Rahat Khan Shilmani(the father of Naik amal khan shalmani the ex MPA) to Sakha Koat to discuss some political issues faced by the British colonial government. Jhangir Khan Shalmani is also a political leader of Sakha Koat. Taimur Ali Shalmani, Engineer Fida Shalmani, Haji Zubair Shah(late),Malik Hazrat Shah (late), Hakim Shah (late) Mr. Naik Khan Shalmani(Late), Mr.Gulistan Khan Shalmani(Late), Mr. Naik Amal Khan Shalmani, Mr. Zeban Shah Shalmani(Late) Zeran Shah Shalmani (Late), Shakir ulllah (Late) Rahman ullah Urf (Babu) Sarkai Bala Mailk Rahim Shah Shalmani (Late), Muhammad Nisar Shalmani Sakhakot Bazar Malakand Agency & Sarkai Bala, Mr. Mata-Wakil Khan Shalmani (Bhama Dhera). They are politicians and landlords and belong to different political parties, Imtiaz Alam Shalmani from Lund Khwar.

5) Malakand Agency:

In Thana and Palai Malakand Agency.The forefather of Shalmani tribe in Thana was Qazi Abdul Hai, and the small village in Ramora Chakdara is also known on the name of Abdul Hai.The son of Qazi Abdul Hai Shalmani, Mr. Qazi Abdul Karim Shalmani Shaheed fought against the british ruler in 1897.The Qazi Abdul Karim Shalmani embraced Shahdat(martyred) in the historical Gaza(battle) of Malakand.The tomb of Qazi Abdul Karim Shalmani Shaheed is near bypass Thana. Dr. Ahmad Khan Shalmani Late,Fazal Karim Shalmai Late, Professor Khurshed Roshan Gold Medalist, Fazal Ghaffar Shalmani, Jamil Taj Shalmani, Arshad Karim Shalmani and Muhammad Aimal Khan Shalmani are the known figures of this tribe in Thana Malakand. In Malakand agency Mr. Mohammad Saeed Ghamgeen Shalmani is one of the famous Pakhtun poets; he belongs to Aladand Derai Batkhela Malakand agency.

6) Swat District:

In Swat District, Engineer Farid Shahzada Khan Shalmani of Tehsil Matta Village Sijban, Umar Raheem Shalmani and Umar Farooq Shalmani of Bulkarai, Sayyad Ahmad Khan Shalmani of Barthana, Ahmed Gul and Mohib Gul Shalmani of Pishtonai, Jawad Khan Shalmani of Aman Koat mingora  and Advocate Sayyad Kareem Khan Shalmani of Mingora.

Zafar Khan Shalmani and Akber Shalmani from Barikoat Swat now in Karchi. Nasrullah Shalmani is Lecturer in Peshawar and belong to Swat Valley, Gul Sulemani Mingora City Swat.

Jamaldar Sayyad Ahmad Shah Shalmani ( late ) and his sons Muhammad Shalmani ( late ), Sharif Shalmani ( late ), Nika Muhammad shalmani ( late ) sher Muhammad Shalmani ( late ) Hazrat Hassan Shalmani , Hazrat Ali Shalmani ( late ) Haji Nawab Shalmani from Natmira Barikot Swat.


Umar Shah Shalmani of Miandam Swat with other dozens of shalmanis.


7) Dir District:

Nasir Ullah Khan Shalmani (in U.K), Mashal Khan Shalmani, Jami ullah Shalmani, Arshad Shalmani, Shahid Shalmani and Alam Zeb Khan Shalmani of Chekhu Dir, Muhammad Ali Jauhar Shalmani was a well known Buissiness Man and ex-Tehsil counsler. Late Jamil Ullah who was father of Mashal Khan Shalmani was a well known Bussiness Man and Chairman Municipal Committee Timergara. Late Hakim Ullah Shalmani father of Mohd Ali Jauhar eldest Uncle of  Mashal Khan Shalmani was also a well known personality of Lower Dir. Atti Ullah Shalmani and Atti u Rehman Shalmani having the position of well known Buissinessmen at Timergara Region. Dr Shahzad Ullah son of Shujaat Ullah Shalmani Regional Manager(R) MCB branch Swat and Timergara. Youngest uncle of Mashal Khan Shalmani is Amin u Rehman Shalmani who is senior Scientific Officer at PCSIR labs Pishawar. Zia Ullah Shalmani serving in Pak Army as officer, Izhar Ullah shalmani Mphil Genetics and Dr. Wasif Ullah Ayub M.C sons of uncle Hidayat Ullah Shalmani, S.S(R). Dr Sana Ullah Shalmani Polyclinic Islamabad, Dr. Farman Ullah Shalmani DHQ hospital Timergarah, Dr.Abbas Ullah Polyclinic Islamabad, Imran Ullah Lecturer GPGC timergara are brothers of Mashal Khan Shalmani. Nasir Ullah lawyer UK, Kifayat Ullah Shalmani Archealogy, Safi Ullah UK, Ihsan Electrical Engineer are sons of Sami Ullah Educaiton officer(R) uncle of Mashal Khan Shalmani. Ali Sarwar Shilmani son of Late Hakimullah Shalmani. Khaliq U Rehman SET, Habib Ullah Shalmani and Mujtaba Khan Shalmani and so on.

08) Shangla:

S.H.O in Police dept. Mehmood Khan Shalmani of Lelonai, Sajjad Iqbal Shalmani, Ayyub Khan Shalmani,Khaista Muhammad Shalmani A.S.I police, Bakht Nawab Khan Shalmani member of Pakistan chamber of commerce, Rozi Shan Shalmani tehsil nazim, Umar Shalmani, Jehan Shalmani, Fazal Rabi Shalmani who is a pashto poet and he wrote a poetry book "Nazar Panra". Habibullah Sulemani, Nasib Sulemani, Hamed Khan Shalmani, Said Farin Shilmani and Usman Khan Shalmani etc

9) Abbotabad and Hazarah Mansehra:


Farooq Khan Sulemani of Abbotabad is a welknown personality of Abotabad Sulemanis and he is the president/founder of All Pakistan Sulemani Ithad (APSI).


Sohail Khan Sulemani and Dilawar Khan Sulemani from Tarhana Abbotabad, Arsalan Khan Sulemani from Mirpur Abbotabad, Khan Yasir Sulemani. Muhammad Ishaq Khan Sulemani Tehsil Nazam Ahala in Abboottabad.

Oghi Mansehra:

Sadiq Sulemani, Umar Sulemani, Sajjad Khan Sulemani, Abdul Mohsin Sulemani, Jawad Aslam Sulemani from Datta Mansehra,Hanzila Khan Sulemani now in USA, Israr Sulemani, Farhad Ali Sulemani, Nisar Ahmed Sulemani, Muhammad Ilyas Sulemani from Mansehra.



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